1day Ann Silian Choco (30pcs) [Silicone Hydrogel]

1day Ann Silian Choco (30pcs) [Silicone Hydrogel]

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1day Ann Silian Choco (30pcs) [Silicone Hydrogel] Color Contacts

1day Ann Silian Choco (30pcs) prescription color contacts give you a beautiful transformation. They blend several shades of color for a look unlike anything you've seen before in colored contact lenses, and they brighten your makeup without giving off a "fake" or unnatural vibe. These lenses are beautifully designed to create an undeniably beautiful look.

Ann365 colored contacts are made with high-quality ingredients, so they're comfortable to wear and long-lasting. They're available in a range of colors, including the latest style trends and timeless classics. From far away, you'll have bright, beautiful eyes. 

  • Lenses with too clear circle lines are artificial, so likes and dislikes are clearly divided. In the case of Ann Silian, the circle line is so very natural, it will make you feel like your eyes are real. Because the diameter is not large, there is almost no uncomfortable phenomenon such as the hula phenomenon, and it is comfortable to wear as it is a daily lens. It is very comfortable to wear, and as it is a lens that naturally makes the eyes clear, it is also suitable as a graduation photo or ID photo lens. In addition, the soft chocolate color will naturally harmonize and you will feel great satisfaction.

  • Available in both non prescription and myopia prescription (power 0.00 ~ -10.00)
  • Made of silicone hydrogel with excellent oxygen permeability, high moisture content, and UV protection
  • When you clean and care for your lenses properly, they will last a full month of daily wear.

Advantages of ANN Colored Contacts

  1. We use colorants that have been verified throughout the stone, and are harmless to the human body as they are approved by the US FDA.
    It is used worldwide in the manufacture of color lenses. It is a color lens manufactured to be used more safely by eliminating side effects such as separation and discoloration that occur in color lenses by adopting a special coloring method on the lens surface.

  2. Ann colored contacts have a comfortable fit and quick adaptability for first-time users of color lenses. In particular, Ann colored contacts have been developed so that existing color lens users do not feel objectionable. Ann colored contacts provide a comfortable fit by alleviating the requirement for wear resistance that occurs during the manufacture of color lenses.

  3. Ann colored contacts are manufactured by the Casting Method for Edge Out manufacturing method. Especially. In order to relieve eye fatigue and pressure caused by color lenses, the surface curve of the lens is made up of multi-curves, so that the angle is improved according to the tear circulation. Ann colored contacts also give tone to the metabolism, and this condition reduces fatigue and pressure drop even when the lens is worn for a long time.

What is silicone-hydrogel?

Silicone polymer contains a large amount of wetting factor, which is good for improving dryness and has a high oxygen delivery capacity. It is a contact lens material that is moist and soft to wear.

Safe: The circle line does not directly touch the eyes, so it is healthy and safe

More comfy Edge: Aspherical treatment reduces friction with the eyes, making it comfortable to wear for a long time

DIA 14.2mm
Graphic Dia 13.1mm
BC 8.8mm
Using Period Daily
Water Content 55%
Power 0.00~-10.00(0.25Step)
There are no -0.25, -0.75, -5.25, -5.75 
Oxygen Permeability 20.00x10-11(cm2/s)[(mLo2)/mL*mmHg)
Manufacturer Ann
Material Silicone Hydrogel


Sunblock : UVa(316~380nm):316~380mm 




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