Violet Contacts

Looking for a fun and daring look? If you're ready to stand out from the crowd, then Lurube's Violet/Purple lenses are perfect for you! Perfect for any occasion, from everyday wear to that special event, Lurube's Violet Purple Contact Lenses will give you a fresh look in just seconds. Are you bold and daring? Do you love standing out in a crowd? Then why not be different than everyone else and try our Lurube’s fam violet contact lenses. These lenses will bring out your fun, dynamic personality and can be worn for almost any occasion. Try something different and stand out from the crowd by wearing the Lurube's color violet!


You know your style is unique. You never conform to what others think you should wear, and instead make your own path. Why not add a bit of unexpected color to your look with Lurube’s fam of violet purple lenses? They’ll bring out your fun, dynamic personality, and let the world know you’re always true to yourself – no matter what!


Ashley 3Color Violet Contacts are a gentle purple color that’s a bit darker than Shy Violet. These contacts provide a feminine touch to your eyes without being too obtrusive. The subtlety of the lens blends seamlessly with the natural eye color to create a natural enhancement that really starts to show off when you wear it in bright light like summer sunsets or holiday parties. Not all purple contacts are exactly the same. We have a variety of different brands, styles, and colors available. If you're thinking about wearing something unique for Halloween this year or for a costume party, then we highly recommend Klespop's violet contact lenses. These lenses have been known to pop out on camera and make people say "wow" when they see them!


If you love to turn heads, then Bunny 3color Violet will be just what you are looking for. These large, opaque violet colored contacts will have everyone asking about your rad new look. Be prepared to answer numerous questions about where you scored such a rad new look! And keep that iPhone ready for some fantastic close up selfies! You’ll absolutely love the way you look in a new pair of purple contact lenses.


Our Purple contacts can be worn as long as 6month with proper care and cleaning. Whether you’re looking for a pair for one-time use or would rather commit to one pair for several months or more, we have an option you’ll love. 


Coloured contact lenses are a fun, inexpensive cosmetic tool that have been loved for years by top models and makeup artists. We know you'll love them, too! That's why we are careful to source only the highest quality lenses. Our lenses are tested against the strictest quality guidelines. So you can be sure your eyes are fitted with comfortable, safe and healthy products. Because our number one priority is your eye health and safety. And of course, our number two? That you LOVE the way you look!


Add the perfect amount of duskiness to your eyes with our violet contacts. Whether you’re looking to increase the size of your iris for a brighter, more wide-eyed look, create more definition, or transform your dark eyes with a lighter hue, there is something you’ll love. Lenses with multiple tones blend for an intriguing, multifaceted look while solids create a unique appearance. Purple colored contacts truly can complete any cosmetic look and enhance your look for any occasion.