Brown Contacts

Brown contact lenses are a versatile and classic style.

With brown contact lenses, you can add dimension with additional tones, and even make your irises appear larger, giving you that babydoll look. Remember, the larger the graphic lens diameter, the bigger your irises will appear and the more wide-eyed and innocent you’ll look! You may have brown eyes - but now you can have a lot more fun with them. Brown contact lenses offer an endless range of possibilities. You can lighten up your shade or add some depth to them with other shades. And if you want to make your irises appear larger, opt for a graphic lens diameter that is just the right size for your face. Take your brown eyes from ordinary to extraordinary!

If you have myopia,colored contacts with prescription can help. We sell brown contacts for myopia ranging from -0.50 to -10.00 diopters, covering the majority of nearsighted users. If your eyes require different prescriptions, you’ll want to order two boxes. The bonus is you have your backup pair ready to go! If you don’t actually NEED contacts, but want a color change, check out our plano (non-prescription) colored contact lenses. We make it as easy as possible to order your colored contacts with prescription support! Just send us your current prescription (from your optometrist) and we will process your order. Our expert staff will ensure you get exactly the vision correction that your doctor orders!

Contacts are safe and comfortable to wear. If you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, prescription colored contacts are safe and easy to use. Lurube only stocks high-quality lenses that have passed more than 4 international health authorities such as the FDA and CE. As long as you're wearing them and cleaning them according to manufacturer guidelines, they are safe and comfortable to wear.

Whether you’re looking for lenses to change daily, weekly, monthly - or even just every six months to a year, we have something for you to choose from. To see only your preferred lens type, use our filter features to choose your prescription strength and wear cycle. Plus - you can buy lenses in boxes from just 2 to 30. So, you have the freedom to try on a pair of size or stock up on your favorites with a great cost savings!

We all have that one eye color that is the envy of all our friends. For those who want a refreshing change, brown contacts are the perfect fit. Brown eyes come in different sizes, so we have a different set of contacts to suit each type of look you desire. If you like your eyes bigger then try our 14.8mm contacts which create a more natural effect on your pretty brown eyes. If you're looking for something bold, daring or even striking with a bit more subtlety, then go for 15.0mm diameters for an unreal look that's sure to turn heads without creating a distraction from your gorgeous features

Brown is the most common eye color, but that doesn't make it boring. In fact, many people consider brown eyes to be a perfect canvas for experimenting with different makeup ideas. For example, our Bunny Brown contacts are stunningly against dark hair, while Ashley 3color Brown (more hazel) plays well with shimmery eyeshadows. Shop over 50 shades of brown contact lenses in all shades from light chocolate brown to deep espresso, and put your best face forward today!