Red Contacts

Stun others with your bright red eyes today! Whether you're dressing up as a vampire, zombie, Harlequinn or devil for Halloween, you'll gain an edge over others with bright, bold red eyes. Same with cosplay costumes like Sharingan, Naruto or Black Lady from Sailormoon – red contacts are sure to make you a crowd favorite. Get a pair of red contacts, and stun others with your bright red eyes today!


Red colored contact lenses are one of the most popular colors in the world. This color is associated with power, courage and passion – all things that people want to portray when they dress up as a character or wear costume makeup for Halloween.  Looking for that perfect accessory to finish off your vampire look? Our fashionable red contact lenses are a great way to vamp up your style no matter what the occasion! They are also great for cosplay and halloween costumes, but are also suitable for everyday wear.

Our red contact lenses are a great way to transform your look, whether it is for Halloween or casual wear. At Coloured Contacts we offer a great variety of cosmetic color contact lenses, ready to switch up your eye color with ease!


Red contact lenses are an easy way to instantly transform your eyes into a hypnotic, vampire red, turning you into a blood-thirsty creature of the night. They give you a scary yet glamorous look and are perfect for turning yourself into a devil or demon for Halloween or Cosplay parties, for dressing up as Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice or Lisa from Bewitched, as well as playing any number of Anime characters. These red colored contacts are very popular with costume wearers and make excellent gifts for birthdays and Christmas!


There's no time to waste, and your new look isn't just for one night. With Coloured Contacts, you can get your hands on red contact lenses that can last for anything from 30 days to 1 year, making it the perfect solution for all of your costume needs!

You've probably heard of the Disney Villains, but what about the cosplay villains? If you want to create a unique yet terrifying new look for your next costume party, then look no further than Coloured Contacts' range of red contact lenses!


The best way to look like a monster is with Red Contacts!

We know that our customers are looking for quality contact lenses that are cheap and easy to use, which is why all of our lenses are made with the high quality materials and manufacturing processes. We make sure that every single pair of our red colored contacts will work perfectly with our customer’s desires.

You could be forgiven for thinking that you have been transported to the set of your favorite vampire movie as soon as you put on one of our cosmetic range of red colored contact lenses. They are perfect for party eye makeup and Halloween costumes alike! Not only do we stock cosmetic red colored contact lenses, but we also offer a selection of products that are perfect for novelty costume contacts styles such as the mesh styles and our theatrical range. Not only are these incredible cosmetic lenses perfect for fans of Twilight and other vampire pop culture, they can double as your Halloween contacts in a flash! So why not treat your vampy friend to a gift that they will not forget?


If you’re looking for an exciting new way to transform your look, our red contact lenses could be the perfect solution. We have a wide variety of styles available, from the classic red eyes contacts to more novelty options like red cat eyes and even bloodshot red contacts!

Our red contact lenses are available in various wear durations including 1 day wear, 30 day (monthly) wear; 90 day wear and even 1 year wear; giving you the option for a one-night-only wear with red lenses or the chance to wear them again and again. But you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Which type is best for me?” Well, that depends entirely on your costume schedule! We’re sure you’ve noticed that on the Coloured Contacts website, all of the red eyes contact lenses are pretty reasonably priced. Even some of our more popular styles and lenses with whopping 1 year usage duration are incredibly reasonable with very little price difference.


If you’re looking to complete your next fancy dress look, then our range of red circle lenses is the best place to start!

However, the main decision it comes down to is the lifestyle you live. If you’re the sort of person who just loves popping in a pair of Halloween contact lenses once a year to bring some extra life to your costume, then our first recommendation would definitely be a pair from our daily range! Are you someone that likes to get some colored contacts red and show them off for multiple different events over the next few months? Then 90 day is definitely your best option! But for the professional cosplayer and fancy dress lover, the best and most cost effective way to maintain an incredible costume is with a pair of 1 year red contacts cheap.


When it comes to picking up a pair of red eye lenses, one common misconception is that they can only be used for costumes, which isn’t always the case! Yes, due to some of the bright red and white contact lenses that are available, their primary use would be for your pair of Halloween Contacts, but on our website you will be able to find a massive variety of colored contacts to fit your every need.

If you’re looking for something more subtle and natural-looking, we have some great options for you too! There are many different shades of red that can be worn during the day or night depending on what mood you want to set. If you want something bolder than the average color contact lens then we also have plenty of vibrant options available so there is no need to worry about being boring with your next purchase!


We're so excited to share with you our newest style of contact lenses!

With the rise of alternative styles, our full red contact lenses have evolved from predominately Halloween audiences. With gothic fashion trends such as vampiric styles, red colored eye contacts can become a staple part of anyone’s every day look. We’ve seen more and more of our customers reach out for a pair of our lenses that they can incorporate into their different styles and we’re proud to accommodate this!


Are you here for a pair of red contacts lenses for your next costume? If that's the case then it's no problem at all! Let us talk you through some of the different types of lenses we offer and help you make a choice into which pair best fits you. Cosplayers are sure to find plenty of inspiration here, as there are simply too many characters to name who have an impressive pair of red eyes. Keep reading and let us break down the key categories so you can buy red contacts with ease.

Some of our cheap red eye contacts feature a variety of different shades and tones so that you can choose depending on your color preference. Browse shades and hues such as scarlet, crimson, maroon or even blood red coloration to add some real oomph to your costume. If the theme you’re after is purely Halloween, then the color of blood is sure to add some ultimate terror into your ensemble – just think about how much you can freak out your friends with some bright red eyes!


Whether you're looking for a quick, easy costume or want to spend hours planning the perfect look, red eye contact lenses are a great choice.

Costume: Costume and cheap Halloween contact lenses are some of the most popular styles for red. We feel that the contact lenses that fit into this category are those with more generic designs that make them applicable to a wide variety of different costumes. Particularly styles such as our blind & mesh, demon and red vampire contacts where the generic styles can be used for all three. This makes them a great choice for someone who likes to make a casual costume or just create the perfect costume to go with one of the styles we’ve mentioned above.


Cosplay: As well as some of the cheap red eye contact lenses that we’ve mentioned above our red cosplay lenses are for those who are looking to recreate a specific character with precise detail. Depending on the character then may require a generic vampire style or something incredibly intricate. An example of this could be how a pair of our dark red contacts can fit perfectly with a Twilight Bella costume, or how a stylish Sharingan


When it comes to picking a new pair of red contact lenses, there are two main things you need to consider:

Novelty: This is exactly what it sounds like! Although it may seem like cheap red contacts are only for people looking for the scariest styles, that’s not the case. We also offer a wide variety of novelty contact lenses that feature cute comic designs of characters or stylish designs. Check out the full range of red cosmetic contact lenses, and make your spooky costume that little more stylish and little less threatening!

Comfort: When you wear these stunning colored contacts they should feel comfortable! If they don’t fit properly or aren’t made from high quality materials you won’t be able to enjoy wearing them as much as possible. So when choosing a pair of costume colored contact lenses; always make sure they have an FDA Approval rating! You can rest assured that all of our lenses will have this rating!


Your eyes will be the talk of the party with our new range of bright red contacts.

All of our contacts come in a sealed package containing an eye-safe solution to keep your contact lenses safe and ready to party whenever you are. Don’t forget that these lenses are available in 1 day wear, 90 day wear or even 1 year wear, so you can choose how many times to show off those new bright red contacts.