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Open Lenses In Vial?

'A Piece Of Cake'

When it opened in the store, it sure looked easy.
When I tried it at home, it was an embarrassing experience because it didn't open!

For those of you who suffer from lenses in vial.
Lurube shares some clear opening hacks.

First Preparatory Stage

For your safety, it is important to remember that

wearing gloves are the most important thing to do before doing any work.

How to open Lenses in vial in step 5

Step 1 Find the arrow (comb-pattern )

From the side aluminum of the vial cap
Look for combs or arrow marks.

Lenses are a kind of medical device.
It is tightly sealed so that it cannot be opened easily.
Keep in mind that it can be easily opened only from the marked area!!

Plastic Cap OPEN

Put your thumb on the arrow (comb pattern)
Push up the plastic lid as hard as you can ↑↑

<Here, tip 1>

If your fingers are soft and difficult to open
It's easy if you use a bottle opener or nipper!

When using a bottle opener, the aluminum
Be sure to check the arrow marks!

Point the nipper to the arrow
Push up with your thumb.

** BOING **

The lid is open !!

Complete removal of aluminum seal

Place the plastic cap on one end of the aluminum seal.
Cut it off and cut it all the way to the end.

The point is that the seal is "one side only"
to fall off

After that, if you turn the aluminum packaging back
The seal can be easily removed.


When plastic and glass bottles are completely separated

I/f/ s/o/

<Tips 2 here>
Leftover packaging, how to remove it!!

Use the tools around you.

If you use a hard, pointed tool like a nipper,
The packaging can be safely removed.

When there are no tools around
Utilize the aluminum attached to the plastic cap

aluminum remaining on the lid.
It can be easily removed by using it as a lever.

** Neat. Neat. Neat. Neat **

Rubber stopper is also OPEN :)

Take out the lens from the vial

Do you usually use tongs to take out the lens??!!

However, the experience that the lens did not pick up well,
Have you all experienced it at least once?

However, applying force with forceps
One of the causes of lens damage!!

Pour the lens and preservative together into the case

Rather than using forceps, use the lens and the preservative together.
Pour slowly into the case.
You can safely take out the lens :)

Wash before wearing, required.

For healthy use of lenses
Be sure to wash before wearing.

Lenses are vacuum packed
Rinse thoroughly before contact with eyes
Something good for our precious eyes!!