Blue Contacts

Blue is one of the less common eye colors, particularly in Asian countries, making it one of the most sought-after color contacts out there.

Choosing blue contact lenses sans limbal rings is very common among wearers. If you want that extra oomph given by a good limbal ring, we’ve got several striking blue contacts that will keep heads turning and eyes staring at you. A multidimensional look can be created with different tones and swirls of hazel, green, or gray.

If you love multitasking, you'll love these colored contacts. Made of the same material as regular contacts, these cosmetic lenses offer both vision correction and a splash of color for your look. Bring out your bubbly personality with a pair of blue colored contacts. Freeing yourself from cumbersome glasses offers you a whole new dimension of makeup looks to explore. Not only will favorite shadow shades and mascaras show through more easily, you can customize your eye color as well! Prescription colored contacts are available for nearsightedness ranging from -0.50 to -10.00 diopters, covering the majority of nearsighted users. The colored contacts we sell come in pairs of the same corrective strength. So, if you need different prescriptions for each eye, order two boxes. The bonus there is you have a backup pair ready to go! If you don’t actually NEED contacts, but just want a color change, check out our plano (non-prescription) colored contact lenses.

Lurube’s stocks only high-quality colored contact lenses that have passed more than 4 international health authorities such as the FDA and CE. That means as long as you’re wearing and cleaning them according to manufacturer guidelines, they are safe and comfortable to wear. All our contacts have a minimum water content of 38%, ensuring your eyes experience the ultimate comfort! Because at Lurube’s we believe that you look your best when you feel your best!

For a sexy, Barbie-doll look, try wearing blue contact lenses in tandem with a classic red lip. If you have a deeper complexion, baby blues or amazing aquas will wow! With a dazzling assortment of fun turquoises, elegant sapphires and more, our blue contacts are sure to satisfy any lens addiction.