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Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions to keep in mind

Please read and understand the following terms and conditions thoroughly to avoid any loss in ordering.

  • I understand that Luube is not a medical doctor, optometrist or opticians, and you should consult with your ophthalmologist before ordering, especially for prescription prescription lenses.

  • I agree that all orders/prescriptions/options/specifications listed on the checkout page are correct and true.

  • I am purchasing a product with my credit card/paypal account. Or, with the consent of others, you have the right to make purchases using your credit card/paypal account.

  • I fully assume all risk from Lurube and release Lurube from all liability. I understand that wearing contact lenses inherently poses a risk of injury and eye infection if proper care or guidelines are not followed. I have read the Wear and Care instructions to minimize the risk and I understand that the risk of injury cannot be completely eliminated.

  • I understand that any local taxes or duties are my responsibility.

  • I agree that Lurube.com is not responsible for any delay caused by your local customs department.

  • I understand that if I wish to cancel an order for any reason, 5% administration fee of the total purchase amount will be charged and a 20% management fee will be charged once the product has been shipped. Shipping is non-refundable in this context.

  • I have read and agree to the Return and Cancellation Policy.

  • I agree that shipping to the United States is based on NSR (No Signature Required) for all available shipping methods and you agree that parcels may be delivered to the Residence Front Desk/Door/Mailbox.

  • In some countries and banks, foreign currency fees/electronic funds transfers may apply to your card.

  • It is solely my responsibility to track the package until it is delivered to me.