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CooperVision's Business Strategy and Values

CooperVision designs and manufactures innovative, high-quality contact lenses to meet the needs of a very wide range of wearers. We are conducting extensive and continuous research and development in the field of optics. We also work closely with ophthalmologists to understand the fast-changing needs of contact lens wearers around the world.In partnership with ophthalmologists, we listen carefully to their opinions and provide them with insights and what they need to run their business. We also help contact lens wearers choose the products they need for vision correction and contact lenses at the price they want, considering their lifestyle.

CooperVision's business performance is based on the individual success and well-being of CooperVision employees. We offer a variety of programs and work environments for our employees. We provide all opportunities without discrimination for the personal and professional growth of our employees, and we are committed to building strong relationships with the communities where we live and work.


All CooperVision businesses are built on four core values:

We bring expertise, focus and grit to everything we do. CooperVision won't stop until we achieve our goals for eye care professionals and contact lens wearers.


We are constantly striving to discover creative, inventive and wise ways to improve the contact lenses we manufacture, to solidify all the relationships we have built, and to make the most of every opportunity.


CooperVision communicates with customers based on open and flexible thinking. We always think and strive to help grow together with customers, ophthalmologists, and contact lens wearers.

We build strong relationships with our partners based on honesty, frankness, trust and respect. We value teamwork and by collaborating with eye care professionals, contact lens wearers and staff, we know that we can achieve much more with a partner than alone.