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All about Colored Contacts and Circle Lenses for Beginners
To cut a long story short, it's a must read for beginners.
You've never worn colored contact and circle lenses before and want to give it a try?
Read on!

What Are Circle Lenses?

Circle lenses are cosmetic contact lenses commonly known as big eye circle contacts, which have a wide black ring on the outside that widens the iris of the eye for a lovely look. Circle Lens was popular with K-pop stars Girls' Generation, Hyuna, Krystal, Suzy, and other ulzzangs. Ulzzang is also an abbreviation for pretty, and you'll see that part in these adorable circle lenses. In Japan, circle lens shapes can be seen in many magazines and are always considered "must-haves" in any makeup. Models like Tsubasa and superstar Ayumi Hamasaki. The star and model is famous for wearing bright circle lenses to make sure their eyes sparkle in their music videos.

Circle lenses are a reputable product in Korea, Japan, Taiwan and other Asian countries, but they started gaining worldwide popularity because Lady Gaga wore them in her "Bad Romance" music video. Lady Gaga's eyes are probably partially computer generated, so our lenses won't have the same effect, but will make them appear larger.

In general, 40% of Circle lens users are non-prescription (Plano) customers and many people wear these contact lenses under their glasses every day because they do not interfere with their vision.

Besides, cosmetic contact lenses are great for special occasions such as Halloween parties, anime conventions and cosplay. Amazing reasons to wear circle lenses:

  • An easy way to add drama and madness to your eyes!

  • You will look mysterious, cool and magical.

  • Dress like your favorite anime and manga characters down to the last detail!

  • Choose lenses that reflect your favorite Naruto characters!

Many of our customers have reviewed the cosmetic contact lenses that they liked the most, which will help you make the best choice! You can see a lot of real photos on the product page, and you can also find fans sharing photos on the official fan page as well.

We offer circle contact lenses in hundreds of colors and styles that are guaranteed to be 100% genuine, making them a great option to really change your everyday style. All lenses are sourced from well-known manufacturers such as GEO Medical, EOS, G&G, Dueba, Vassen, etc. in Korea, the birthplace of circle lenses. Since Lurube deals directly with GEO Medical in Korea, there is no need to use the Geo Anti-Fake system, only genuine products. Your health and safety is our number one priority, so we work hard to provide you with quality products and great customer service. We want to make sure you are satisfied with our products and services.

Start wearing circle contact lenses and you will join the ranks of literally thousands of fashionable young women and you will probably start a fashion trend in your area!

What’s The Difference Between Circle Lens & Colored Contacts?

If you haven't spent a lot of time buying colored lenses yet, you might not be convinced about the difference between regular contact lenses and circle lenses. The main difference between the two types of lenses is that circle lenses make your eyes look bigger, making them look really attractive to most women. These lenses are available in a variety of sizes: 14.0mm, 14.2mm, 14.5mm, 14.8mm and 15mm in diameter, which are slightly larger than typical contact lenses.

The thick black border around the colored circle lens makes the iris of the eye appear larger. In regular colored contact lenses, the band is usually transparent. In other words, colored contact lenses only change the color of the iris and do not make the eyes appear larger. Alternatively, a circle lens expands a black border around the iris, changing the color of the iris while making the eye appear larger.

Circle lenses are also known for their designs and colorful choices. While most common contact lenses are limited to 2-3 colors per design, circle lenses can have up to 8 colors per design. We offer a wide range of colors and designs, with over 900++ options to choose from, so you can always find the perfect pair.

5 essentials for circle lenses

  1. It is best to consult with your eye doctor before purchasing prescription lenses. Do not self-adjust your prescription as it can cause permanent eye damage.

  2. All circle lens brands handled by Lulube are domestic, and all lenses have been approved by the Korean FDA.

  3. When wearing circle lenses, you cannot feel a big difference from regular contact lenses.
  4. You are responsible for minimizing the risk of wearing circle lenses. See the Wearing and Care Guide for routine lens care and handling.

  5. Do not sleep with circle lenses in your eyes.

Which Circle Lens Should I Select? Which circle lenses are best for me?

Before that, you should understand the effect you like best before deciding which circle lens to choose, as each circle lens offers varying degrees of effect.

Five most important points/effects to know

  1. Enlargement Effect
  2. Comfort Level
  3. Color Vibration Effect (Popout Effect)
  4. Natural Effect
  5. Blending Effect

Enlargement Effect - How Big Should My Eyes Be?

Diameter is a good basis for understanding the size of a circular lens and its coverage for the iris. However, it contributes to the magnification effect of the circle lens by the ring bulge, which is the black outer ring of the lens. Some circular lenses are relatively small in diameter, but thanks to the limbal ring they have a great magnification effect. In short, don't just buy the diameter, look at the design of the limbal ring at the same time.

Comfort Level - How long can circle lenses be worn?

The shelf life of circle lenses is 9-12 months after opening the vial. With daily use, circle lenses typically last 6 to 8 hours. However, some people feel tired or dry after a few hours. For reference, circle lenses have a lower moisture content than regular contact lenses. So, bring your 'contact lens eye drops'. Moisturizing your eyes is essential. The principle of wearing circle lenses is to remove them immediately if you feel pain or discomfort in your eyes. What's more, if your circle lenses aren't properly cared for, the protein won't stick to the lenses well, making them less comfortable. So, some cleaning kits are important. Good hygiene habits can make your lenses last longer.

Color Vibrancy Effect - Are the eyes popping out? Do my eyes get attention?

Because of the tinting effect, some lenses catch the eye more noticeably (sharp) than others. Most circle lenses show vivid colors when shot with a camera flash or under perfect lighting. The high level of sharpness means the lens can be very noticeable in room or natural light. Basically, a lens full of vitality that everyone will be staring at as you walk down the street!

Natural Effect – Does my lens look natural?

Circle lenses rarely have a natural, lively, and enlargement effect at the same time. A lens with a high magnification effect or vividness is definitely less natural. Keep this in mind when choosing lenses that look natural. It's best to choose a lens that doesn't have a limbal ring, doesn't have sharp colors and, most importantly, blends well with your natural iris color.

Blending Effect - Which lens best matches your natural iris color?

For best results, choose a lens color that is close to or identical to your natural iris color. Some lenses have a yellow dot around the pupil to help the eye coordinate with the lens, especially for the brown eye group. For light eye groups, lens colors such as green, blue, gray or purple lenses can give a good blending effect.

Which lens is best for me?

I hope you've gotten some idea of the effect you're looking for by now. Here are some recommendations:

Top THREE Best Enlargement Effect Lens

Princess Mimi Series

Xxtra Large Barbie Circle Series

Wonder Eye Series

The link above refer to series, not specific color

Top THREE Most Comfortable Lens

Princess Mimi Series

Xxtra Large Barbie Circle Series

Wonder Eye Series

The link above refer to series, not specific color

Top THREE Best Vibrant Lens

Princess Mimi Series

Xxtra Large Barbie Circle Series

Wonder Eye Series

The link above refer to series, not specific color

Top THREE Most Natural Lens

Geo Natural Series

G&G Natural 2 Tone Series

G&G A21 Series

The link above refer to series, not specific color

Lurube Recommended Lenses

Max pure Series

Hana SPC, Barbie Circle series

G&G Gothic series

Super Pinky

The link above refer to series, not specific color

Top THREE Best Lenses for Blue Eyes – Customer Choice*

Top THREE Best Lenses for Green Eyes – Customer Choice*

Top THREE Best Lenses for Grey Eyes – Customer Choice*

Top THREE Best Lenses for Brown Eyes – Customer Choice*

Essential Kick Start Items

Multipurpose Solution – Zero Seven

Cleaning Kit - Jitterbug

Contact Lens Eye Drop – Rohto Contact Lens

Cutie Animal Lens Case (Free when purchasing any pair of lenses in PinkyParadise)

We hope you have understood the basic knowledge of selecting a pair circle lens that suit you best. Like people saying, ‘what circle lens you put on will reflect what kind of personalities you are’

Hope this simple guide has helped you made your choice and wish you all have a happy shopping!