Bellmore, what about contact lenses? (Development of the first unmanned automated color lens line in Asia)
10,000 CLASS CLEAN ROOM that is safe from contaminants (dust, microorganisms) in accordance with ISO14644
In the facility, all products are manufactured using an unmanned automated casting mold system.
The high-resolution aspherical design technology eliminates distortion and spherical aberration, ensuring a clear view at all times.
In particular, as Asia's first unmanned automated color lens line was developed, color lens products were developed through a casting mold system (Casting
Mold System) with its own C.I.P method added to manufacture safe, thin and light contact lenses.
All products are supplied through a thorough total inspection method. Products with higher quality and safety in the future
We promise to supply.
*Beldoa CIP method - A method in which pigments are inserted between the lens particles when the lens is in a semi-polymerized state during polymerization.
Color monomer Interpolymerization process