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Lurube trying very hard to make pretty and lively eyes

Lurube has been working for beautiful and healthy eyes around the world for over 10 years. Recently, as the first official partner of K-lenspop, we are striving to supply the best colored contacts and beauty products to the world.
For those with sensitive eyes, only functional lenses such as silicone hydrogel, astigmatism lenses, and phosphorylcholine
Products that have passed the strict standards of the Food and Drug Administration, as well as make your eyes healthier.
We are supplying a variety of contact lens products to meet the diverse needs of modern women for self-expression and beauty, and are constantly striving to find new solutions for better vision.

A company building a new future through continuous research and development

Today, thanks to advanced patented technologies such as LACREON Technology, HYDRACLEAR® PLUS Technology and HYDRACLEAR 1TM Technology, many people experience lenses for clear vision, comfort, convenience and superior performance.
In particular, people with astigmatism have not been able to comfortably wear contact lenses in the past.
However, with the advancement of ASD™ technology, it is now possible to wear contact lenses comfortably.
In addition, there are multifocal contact lenses that the elderly can see clearly from near to far with a customized design according to the size of the pupil.
K-Lenspop will continue to seek out lenses with new ideas, new science, and new technologies to help people around the world see better and contribute to the health and beauty of sight so that mankind can live a happy life.

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Lurube Certificates

Lurube's products certified in Korea are exported all over the world.

Product Technology

Lrubue makes premium contact lenses that are safe and reliable.