Lurube's Sponsorshipip Program

Are You Looking for a FREE Pair of Colored Contact Lens to Review?

Are you a beauty vlogger or beauty influencer looking for a pair of Lurube Circle lenses for review? Thank you to everyone who inquires about this sponsorship program! Anyone interested in this, please send us your details in the form below.

Why Apply for Lurube Sponsorship Program

3 simple step in joining Lurube Sponsorship program

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You may also contact Luube for other business or advertising purposes!

Looking for Lurube to be your giveaway sponsor?

Do you want to organize a giveaway and be sponsored by Lurube? We are willing to sponsor giveaway, but that will depend greatly on your goals and target audience. Let us know when and where you would like to host your giveaway. Your giveaway request will then be subject to administrative review on Luube.

All you need to do is to fill up the from below:

Details Form: SPONSORSHIP!

Which lenses would you like to sponsor? (only one pair) [not pack lens : Acuvue, CooperVision] *
Please write here your prescription*
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Thank you!

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