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Astra Glitter 1Day (30pcs) (Multicolor Pearl Lens)

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Claeln Astra Glitter 1Day (30pcs) (Multicolor Pearl Lens) Clear Contact Lenses

Clalen launches Korea’s first one-day pearl lens ‘Astra’

“I captured the twinkling stars of the universe through the lens”… ASSL technology applied

Interojo (Brand: Clalen) has launched Korea's first one-day pearl lens Astra.
Interojo's One-Day Pearl Lens Astra, which means 'makes your eyes look soft like the twinkling stars of the universe', is characterized by using pearl color pigments to create sparkling eyes.
The new Astra complements the heterogeneous design, which is the weak point of pearl lenses, with an edge line pattern that naturally blends with the pupils by applying a subtle flower-shaped design pattern and gradation that spreads from the inner diameter of the lens to the outer diameter.
In particular, Astra has applied ASSL (Aqua Safety Shield Layers) technology that smoothes the lens surface and maintains moisture. It is a wettability coating technology that forms a coating layer to improve the slip properties of the lens surface and improve the hydrophilicity. The slip property is improved by reducing the friction coefficient of the contact lens surface, and the wearability is improved by developing an IPN structure using a wettability material. It also improves visibility and reduces protein adsorption, etc.

In fact, according to the results of Interojo's research, when the contrast sensitivity of the lens applied with ASSL technology and the normal lens was measured, the ASSL lens showed high contrast sensitivity regardless of the exposure time. High contrast sensitivity means clear vision.
The new Astra was born through the CUL: Clalen Usability Lab (CUL), an integrated project between departments based on Interojo's unique design philosophy of 'Things and Thing'. With a design philosophy that means 'Think three times while working', experts in sales, design, manufacturing technology, material research, raw material research, and marketing manufacture and sell contact lenses without distinction of tasks that were previously divided between departments. , from the perspective of the people who use it, we analyzed the needs of each product and incorporated it into 'Astra' from the concept to the planning and design of the product.
Interojo's new one-day pearl lens 'Astra' is ▲ 'Astra Glitter' using gold pearl and red pearl ▲ 'Astra Estel Gray' with silver pearl applied to dark gray and dolphin gray ▲ Dark brown and oak brown with gold pearl It was released in three types of applied 'Astra Estelle Brown'.

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  • Available in both non prescription and myopia prescription (power 0.00 ~ -10.00)
  • Sold in boxes of 30 lenses of the same power. Please order 2 boxes if you have a different power for each eye.
  • UVA/UVB protection is a way to prevent retinal damage from the sun.
DIA 14.2mm
Graphic Dia 12.7mm
BC 8.6mm
Using Period Daily
Water Content 55%
Power 0.00~-5.00(0.25Step)
Manufacturer Clalen (Interojo)
 Origin  KOREA

 30 pcs (1 box)


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