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Hello Lenspop Happy Violet (Brianna) (2pcs) 6 Months

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KLENSPOP Hello Lenspop Happy Violet (Brianna) Color Contact Lenses (LuRuBe Exclusive Sale)

An alluring and deep unique violet color.
Non-replaceable. Magical color, 'Happy Violet'

Why show your skin look sexy when you can talk with your eyes? Our Hello Lenspop colored circle lenses Happy Violet Series is the secret to unchangingly sexy eyes!
Expanding and exotic as before. This series will help you make larger and hotter eyes. A defined enlarged limbal ring with rich, eye-catching pigments hides true eye color and gives you a sultry eye that melts all.

Not only will these colored circle lenses make you look very sexy, they will add great detail to your eye makeup that you will love. This colored circle lenses is also good for any woman who wants to look pretty.

The 38% moisture content means these color touches are the most comfortable on the market!

DIA 14.8mm
Graphic Dia 14.6mm
BC 8.8mm
Using Period 6month
Water Content 38%
Power 0.00~-7.00(0.25Step)
Manufacturer LENSPOP
 Origin  KOREA
 Package 1 PAIR (2 pcs) + BONUS CASE


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Certifications KGMP KR KFDA ISO CE