Vellica Gray (2pcs) (Silicone Hydrogel)

Vellica Gray (2pcs) (Silicone Hydrogel)

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Vellica Gray (2pcs) (Silicone Hydrogel) Color Contact Lenses

Lensvery Vellica circle lenses are superior in terms of both comfort and design! These Vellica contact lenses define your eyes perfectly while adding a pop of dynamic color, a slight boost in size, and perfect roundness to your gaze. These contact lenses are designed to create a sense of mystery and intrigue. The subtle color change is perfect for those who don’t want to completely alter their eye color but still want a little bit of drama.

Lensvery Vellica circle lenses are made from the highest-quality materials and are designed to be worn for extended periods of time. These Vellica contact lenses come in both prescription and non-prescription varieties, making them perfect for anyone looking to add a little something extra to their everyday look! Lensvery Vellica circle lenses are made from high quality materials, so you can rest assured that your eyes will feel comfortable and look great all day. 

  • The Lensvery Vellica gray lens series is premium in design and comfort! These Vellica gray contact lenses provides a boost of color while retaining your natural eye color in the rest of the eye. Perfect for make up looks or cosplay.
  • Available in both non prescription and myopia prescription (power 0.00 ~ -8.00)

  • Each box contains 2 lenses of the same power. Please order 2 boxes if you need a different power for each eye.

The Lensvery Vellica circle lenses are perfect for any occasion. They’re a great choice for cosplaying or Halloween, but also for everyday wear. These Vellica contact lenses are so natural that nobody will be able to tell you’re wearing them! They’re also available in a variety of colors, though Vellica is definitely the best choice for those who want to add some spice to their eyes without going overboard. The subtlety and elegance of these lenses make them perfect for daily wear or even special occasions!

DIA 14.2mm
Graphic Dia 13mm
BC 8.7mm
Using Period 1Month
Water Content


Power 0.00~-8.00(0.25Step)
There are no -0.25, -0.75, -5.25, -5.75 
Manufacturer Lensvery
 Material Silicone Hydrogel
 Package  1 box (2pcs). please order 2boxes if you have a different power for each eye





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