Bausch And Lomb Naturelle Chic Brown (30pcs) Daily

Bausch And Lomb Naturelle Chic Brown (30pcs) Daily

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Bausch And Lomb Naturelle Chic Brown (30pcs) Prescription Colored Contacts

Bausch And Lomb 'Naturelle' is a product that creates natural eyes as if they were born using a gradation pattern that goes well with Asian iris colors. Micro-encapsulation treatment ensures that the colored particles do not affect oxygen permeation, so you can use it with confidence, and it provides moist and clear vision all day without worrying about the hula phenomenon. It consists of two colors, 'Chic Brown' and 'Pure Black'.

'Naturelle' uses two colors, 'Chic Brown' and 'Pure Black', and uses a gradation color pattern that gets darker from the inner diameter to the outer diameter of the circle pattern, emphasizing the wearer's iris color and harmonious natural beauty. In particular, it is designed with micro-encapsulation technology so that it does not directly touch the eyes and does not affect oxygen permeability by wrapping colored particles with a material. In addition, it improves customer satisfaction through Comfort Moist technology that improves comfort, and HD (high definition) optical technology that controls spherical aberration provides a clear view both during the day and at night.

Always and naturally without distraction
The double-curve design of Bausch And Lomb without worrying about the hula phenomenon always makes the eyes look big and natural.
With a gradation pattern, the beautifully natural circle line and the gradation pattern unique to Bausch And Lomb Natural go well with the Asian iris color to create a natural look.

A chic brown that creates bright and serene eyes.
Pure black that harmonizes naturally with the eyes.

Safe with micro-encapsulation
Color particles in the microcap that do not reach the eye do not affect oxygen permeation, so you can wear it with confidence.

Naturelle is an excellent circle lens that provides moist and clear vision all day with Bausch And Lomb's Comfort Moist Technology™ and HD Optical Technology™.

  • Available in both non prescription and myopia prescription (power 0.00 ~ -9.00)
  • Sold as one box containing 30 contact lenses of the same power. Please order two boxes if you have a different power for each eye.
DIA 14.2mm
Graphic Dia 12.8mm
BC 8.6mm
Using Period Daily disposable
Water Content 59%
Power 0.00~-9.00
Material Hilafilcon B
Manufacturer Bausch And Lomb