Bausch & Lomb Lacelle Colors 30pcs (Daily) (Powder, Golden, Bambi, Baby, Dear, Marsala, Ash)

Bausch & Lomb Lacelle Colors 30pcs (Daily) (Powder, Golden, Bambi, Baby, Dear, Marsala, Ash)


Bausch & Lomb Circle Lenses (Powder Blue, Golden Olive, Bambi Brown, Baby Brown, Dear Brown, Marsala Pink, Ash Violet)

Bausch & Lomb, the moment I see my confidence in my eyes.
Bausch & Lomb is a compound word of lace, which expresses femininity, and elle, which means “she” in French. It helps women in their 20s and 30s who are sensitive to fashion and beauty to create their own unique style and sense. Trendy patterns that harmoniously match the pupils and various color variations make the eyes look naturally large.

Patterns that harmoniously oppose the eyes and various color variations make the eyes look naturally large, expressing them with eyes that catch the eye anytime, anywhere. Since its first launch in Korea in 2015, it has been steadily gaining popularity among young women. Bausch & Lomb can create a different atmosphere through a variety of excellent color patterns, and it is safe because it is manufactured with FDA-approved dyes, and it provides a comfortable fit with a thin edge design and a material with excellent moisture binding power.
Bausch & Lomb, which provides comfort from the first wear with high moisture content, contains NVP ingredient with excellent moisture binding power to maintain moisture for a long time. It also maintains a comfortable fit for a long time with a thin edge that aids in tear circulation. Using superior pattern processing technology and FDA-approved pigments, it enables comfortable wearing without irritation.
In addition, an identification mark was added to make it easier to distinguish the front and back when wearing.

Lacelle Colors is a new brand of Lacelle that has been steadily loved since its first launch in 2015. Reflecting the trend of the 1020 generation, who pursues a unique style with a more vibrant color than the existing colors, the olive and blue colors gently spread inside. It is a one-day color lens that expresses natural and individual eyes through pattern processing.

Powder Blue
Using the blue color that can express pure passion as a point, you can express pure and confident eyes with a clear and clean water color. It is a style that shines with urban chic charm with a natural blend of blue and gray in soft pastel tones.

Golden Olive
It is a color that can complete bright and casual styling, and can complete lively eyes through the olive color that shines in the soft sunlight.
It is a style that shines with a warm and lively charm, highlighting a lovely and lively charm. This product can express lively and sparkling eyes with natural blending of olive color and soft gold color that resembles fresh nature.

Bambi Brown
It can create a calm and elegant feeling. It is possible to express natural and clear eyes with soft cream brown color, vintage wood brown coloring, and delicate and dense graphics.

Baby Brown
You can create a lovely atmosphere with a bright and bright lens. In an iris pattern style without a circle line, the caramel brown color and dark brown color harmonize to complete lively eyes.

Dear Brown
It is a brown color that anyone, including beginners of color lenses, prefers without burden, giving it a colorful and sophisticated feeling. Orange, gray, and two-tone colors are layered to complete the colorfully shining eyes.

Marsala Pink
This soft and lovely colored lens completes a calm and feminine image by matching it with a chiffon material look. The combination of Marsala color and pink color, which has a deep feeling like the color of aged wine, can express natural and lovely eyes.

Ash Violet
It expresses a mysterious and dreamy style, and if it is combined with a mix and match look of different styles, a sensible and fashionable style can be completed. The combination of calm gray and violet colors can express a strange charm that catches the eye.

  • Available in both non prescription and myopia prescription (power 0.00 ~ -10.00)
  • Sold as a box of 30 lenses of the same power. Please order 2 boxes if you need a different power for each eye.
  • Bausch & Lomb has been trusted for generations as the premier manufacturer of contact lenses. Their FDA-approved materials are only the highest quality available, so you can be sure that your contact lenses are the best!
DIA 14.2mm
Graphic Dia

Powder Blue : 12.9mm
Golden Olive : 12.9mm
Bambi Brown : 12.7mm
Baby Brown : 12.2mm
Dear Brown : 12.9mm
Marsala Pink : 12.9mm
Ash Violet : 12.9mm

BC 8.6mm
Using Period Daily disposable
Water Content 55%
Power 0.00~-10.00
Material 2HEMA + MAA
Manufacturer Bausch & Lomb







































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